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Michael Cameron

Michael Cameron

CEO (Chief Engagement Officer)

As the host of Win-Win@Work Radio Show 106.1 FM, I enjoy the opportunity to uncover the best companies to work for, interviewing CEOs, executives, and HR leaders. We also interview leading talent management thought leaders who share talent acquisition, employee engagement and performance management solutions. Our radio show, Workplace Leader Community, and talent acquisition consulting are making a difference on how companies attract, hire, engage, develop and retain key talent.

For companies looking to build their own talent community or develop highly-efficient human resource or talent acquisition teams, Win-Win@Work offers talent acquisition training modules and coaching sessions. We help build proven recruiting and employee retention strategies and save companies money and time

The Win-Win@Work FM Radio Show, podcasts and workplace leader community are sponsored by our recruiting affiliate WorkplaceLeaderSearch.com. Specialists in recruiting for startup and growth companies with high-priority workplace leader vacancies.




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