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Talent is king. Today’s top workplace leaders are CEOs, executives, hiring managers, and human resource/talent acquisition specialists who value and understand the best strategies to attract, hire, engage, develop, and retain key employees.

This is your biggest competitive advantage.

Twice per month, we produce leading-edge short audio clips from our radio show interviews with CEOs, HR, and talent management thought leaders. This platform gives you instant access to a peer group of inventive leaders who are disrupting the talent acquisition industry one hire at a time.

Committing 12 to 15 minutes per month to listen to our talent tips audio clips will immediately increase your awareness on the latest talent management trends and solutions.

A few examples;

    • Actionable talent acquisition strategies
    • Innovative employee retention solutions
    • Practical employee engagement tips
    • Powerful performance management initiatives

If you are committed to creating an employee-centric workplace that attracts top talent, please fill out the short form below, your contact information will only be used for the two monthly talent tips audio clips emails.

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