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The biggest competitive advantage for any company in today’s marketplace is talent. Today’s top workplace leaders are CEOs, executives, hiring managers, and HR/TA leaders who value and understand the best strategies to attract, hire, engage, develop and retain key employees.

Twice per month we produce leading edge short audio clips from our radio show interviews with CEOs, HR and talent management thought leaders. Committing 8 to 10 minutes per month to listen to our talent tips audio clips is an efficient alternative to increasing your awareness on the latest talent management solutions.  Please submit an email address below that will allow us to continue to support your career objectives and workplace leadership skills.

*****The Win-Win@Work FM Radio Show, Podcasts, and Workplace Leader Community are sponsored by our recruiting affiliate Workplace Leader Search. Specialists in recruiting for startup and growth companies with high-priority workplace leader vacancies. We source and develop trust-based relationships with top executives, hiring managers and HR/TA leaders, who have the essential EQ and workplace leadership skills to help companies grow.

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