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Are you looking to hire a real diamond in the rough?  The Win-Win @Work Radio Show (WSCA 106.1 FM) interviews CEOs and HR leaders, uncovering the best companies to work.  Many of our guests have shared their frustration with how inefficient traditional job postings and talent acquisition strategies have become. We believe the best way to attract top talent is featuring a hiring executive/manager’s brand message on a job pod (job description audio link). Talent acquisition teams now have a recruiting tool to feature their hiring managers leadership style, company brand, and career opportunities. We guarantee the hiring manager a media experience that is professional (experienced recruiter and radio host) fun (prearranged questions & employer brand storytelling) and efficient (recommended job opening radio interview 3-6 minutes long).

How does it work? Win-Win @Work Radio Show records and edits job opening radio interviews for hiring executives/managers. We convert the radio interview to a job pod, creating an engaging recruiting tool for inbound marketing email campaigns and job postings on your career page. Enabling your talent acquisition team to utilize compelling audio content to target and connect with top talent. Job pods are  a proactive talent connection tool for targeting both passive and active candidates through LinkedIn or your preferred social media talent acquisition platform.

Why is creating compelling audio content important in attracting talent? An increasing number of talented professionals are turned off by job boards, disruptive phone calls or generic emails. Job pods accentuate the most important new job opportunity touch points. Targeted talent enjoys an informative listening experience and a message from a hiring executive or manager.

Job pods create an innovative call for action for inbound marketing campaigns and job postings on your career page.  A compelling subject line, simple text message along with the attached job pod audio link will help companies build talent communities and connect with targeted talent. Reactive or traditional recruiting strategies can be monotonous for both candidates and your talent acquisition team.

One of the most important findings from our radio show interviews over the past three years was not hard to figure out. Hiring managers working with their talent acquisition and marketing teams increase their success rate in attracting, engaging and hiring the best talent for their organizational needs.

If you have any further questions on how job pods can save you time, money and help you hire that diamond in the rough, click on the Contact Us button above.



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