Job Pods

Looking to hire that diamond in the rough?  Hiring executives now have the opportunity to reach out and connect directly with the best executives or senior managers for their open position. The Win-Win @Work Radio Show (WSCA 106.1 FM) interviews hiring executives and works with their marketing team. Together we create an interview strategy, sharing the company brand, workplace culture, and job description highlights. We guarantee the hiring executive a media experience that is professional (experienced recruiter and radio host) fun (prearranged questions & employer brand storytelling) and efficient (recommended radio interview 8-12 minutes long).

How does it work? Win-Win @Work Radio Show records and edits your radio interview. We convert the radio show interview to a job pod (podcast audio link). We host the job pod, enabling it to be attached to a job posting on your career page and recruitment marketing email campaigns. We support your talent acquisition team’s efforts in targeting and connecting with top talent. Job pods are great talent connection tools for targeting both passive and active candidates through LinkedIn or your preferred social media talent acquisition platform.

Why is creating compelling audio content important?  The demand for proven workplace leaders has never been higher. Many are turned off by traditional job postings/boards or barraged from constant phone calls from recruiters. Job pods do not disrupt your targeted workplace leaders busy day. They offer an informative listening experience and new career opportunity. Executives and senior managers appreciate an engaging audio introduction from a hiring executive. A genuine message between a hiring executive and targeted candidates is the best way to create interest in pursuing a new opportunity.

If you have any further questions on how job pods can save you time, money and help you hire that diamond in the rough, click on the Contact Us button above.



Listen to the show on WSCA 106.1FM

Every Friday, 9:30 – 10:00AM

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