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What is a job pod? Job pods are 3-6 minute job-related radio interviews with hiring executives or manager. We feature their leadership style companies purpose and employer brand message. Hiring managers help attract more and better talent by sharing their job description’s highlights. They differentiate their job opportunity, workplace culture and mission from similar open jobs. Michael Cameron is the host of the Win-Win @Work Radio Show (WSCA 106.1 FM) conducts the job pod interviews.

How do we create job pods? The Win-Win @Work Radio Show staff records and edits job-related radio interviews. We convert the radio interview into a job pod audio link that can be easily attached to recruitment marketing email campaigns and job postings on your career page. We can also add the hiring manager’s picture or video.

Why creating job-related audio content is important to attracting talent? Many potential candidates are turned off by traditional job postings, disruptive cold calls or generic recruitment emails. Job pods humanize the hiring process through storytelling. Targeted candidates experience an informative listening experience and an authentic message directly from the hiring manager. The main reason top talent accepts a job offer is the connection between the candidate and the hiring manager.

The Win-Win @Work Radio Show interviews CEOs, executives, HR professionals, and talent management thought leaders. One successful talent acquisition strategy has stood out above the rest. Hiring managers who partner with their recruiting team increase their success rate of attracting and hiring the best talent for their organizational needs.

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