Win-Win @Work Recruiting



Three Reasons Why we are Different


1. Purpose-driven recruiting 

The Win-Win @Work recruiting process goes beyond matching a skill set to a job requirement. It’s about understanding the open position and its impact on the team, organization, and industry. Our recruiting strategy focuses on targeting and connecting with the ideal candidates, who align with the organization’s core values and the other employees.

3. Creating job-related content is important to attracting talent

Many potential candidates are turned off by traditional job postings, disruptive cold calls or generic recruitment emails. We humanize the hiring process through storytelling. Targeted candidates experience an informative listening experience and an authentic message directly from our radio interviews, podcasts and job pods (we record messages from hiring managers).

2. Promote, promote, promote!

This is a recruiting step that takes planning and strategy. We invest in a strong social media presence to continuously engage directly and indirectly with cannabis workplace leaders.






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