Organizational Change Starts with the Right Talent Management Strategy

Paul Millerd “You really have to get people right to get change right”

This quote is from Paul Millerd, Strategy Consultant and Advisor, and this week’s guest on the Win-Win@Work Radio show. Paul is referring to the importance of hiring the right people to drive change in organizations of all sizes. People. Matter.

Paul ‘s role is outlined clearly on his Linkedin Profile:
Connecting The Dots Between People & Strategy | Passionate About Being Part of & Building Great Teams

You see, employee (people) engagement is becoming a driver of transformation, and planning for the future of an organization starts with a strategy and ends with engaged employees.

Here’s why, says Paul.

A lot of the quick wins you get from focusing on financials – getting value through financial gains –  have pretty much been realized by companies. Now they are taking it to the next step – how to transform and transform in an ongoing manner. Companies – at least the good companies – have come to realize this has to be through people. And it starts at the top.

“If you don’t have the right people at the top, that ‘get this, and feed through this’ – it’s just not going to happen at your organization.”

Companies can conduct regular cost cutting measures. but will never motivate employees long term using a cost cutting model.  Companies have come to realize the value of their employees and are embracing measures to improve in this area. There’s a huge amount of data available to build a proper talent management strategy and set forth actions to take to do so, but you also need people (consultants, typically) to ‘connect the dots’ between the data and implementing findings into a long term strategy.

Michael Cameron, host of the WSCA 106.1 FM radio show:

“At the end of the day, talent acquisition is connected with the company’s workplace culture, with their performance management, with hiring managers that have a level of emotional intelligence that know how to connect with their people and care about them…You can have the greatest talent acquisition strategy in the world, but If your workplace culture just doesn’t cut it, your talent acquisition strategy isn’t going to work.”

Paul agrees. “You can’t really overstate enough that it starts at the top,” the CEO has to have buy in, even at the Board level.” HR just can’t drive this type of change on their own.

Future of Talent Acquisition

As for the future of talent acquisition? Paul believes, “You always have to be at the leading edge and adding more and more value.”

Paul’s goal is to make the working world a better place, and we couldn’t agree with his challenge more. The future of successful business is in its people, and their purpose, and we are excited to hear his opinions and influence in making that happen.

Brought to you by Michael Cameron, CEO, Executive Recruiter for and host of the WSCA 106.1 FM radio show.  We help companies develop successful talent management strategies and recruit senior HR and TA leaders. 

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