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What if the vast majority of CEOs realize acquiring and retaining top talent is the key to both organizational and marketplace success!

What if more CEOs understand the importance of creating a transparent and employee friendly or helpful workplace culture!

What if a growing number of CEO’s value engaged employees as much as profitability!

What if more CEOs understand their added role as key employer brand ambassadors.

What if an increasing number of CEOs realize the title “CEO” also stands for Chief Engagement Officer!

What if and increasing number of companies look to hire CEOs with high EQ (emotional intelligence)!

What if empathy becomes recognized as a key leadership quality for top CEOs!

What if most successful CEO’s commit to a robust strategic employer brand, talent acquisition and retention strategies!

What if more top CEO’s work at becoming great employee leadership facilitators vs focusing on top down executive decision making!

Well my one minute is up. It is so cool when things you can imagine become a reality. All of the above is quickly becoming a reality. If you would like to stay engaged, signup for our Win-Win@Work Radio Show and on demand syndicated podcasts announcements.

Michael Cameron CEO/Chief Engagement Officer Win-Win@Work

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